I have been interested in photography since the mid 1980’s.  I started with a Kodak Brownie my grandmother gave me, then I progressed to my first SLR (Single lens reflex); a Praktica MTL3 and rapidly progressed to an Olympus OM-10.  I have been with Olympus ever since.

I am now almost exclusively digital though I cannot quite bring myself to discard the 35mm film equipment; even though it is virtually worthless, I can still use the lenses and may yet use the bodies in the future.

Since my adoption of digital I find my photographic tastes have widened, whereas once I was predominantly interested in wildlife and natural history, I now find I am trying all sorts of new techniques.  I am currently experimenting with HDR, a technique using multiple exposures of different exposures to maximise the tonal range reproduced in an image.

I have been making a conscious effort to go out and explore with the primary view of taking and making photographic images and as such I have noticed my “success rate” in producing images I am pleased with has risen dramatically.  This has been aided by my use of GPS devices and mapping software on my PC which enables me to look for potential locations and plan walks in advance of actually setting out.  It increases the hit rate though is not 100% guaranteed.

I am a member of two local photographic groups; Fareham and Portchester camera club and Portsmouth Imaging Club and enjoy showing my efforts there and seeing the other members’ work.

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